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For over 40 years Hampshire Towing has been servicing the local community. We offer 24 hour towing and road service for all types of vehicles large and small, as well as motorcycles and construction equipment. We are dedicated to quick and accurate service to keep our valued customers satisfied. Our drivers are in-house trained and nationally certified to deliver the highest care and quality of work with your vehicles.

About Us

Family owned and operated Hampshire Towing began operation in 1970 by Robert Ahearn, owner of Bob's Auto Body, who needed a way to get damaged vehicles to his shop. In 1978, William Johnson began working for Robert in his Auto Body business and learned towing as well. By 1981, William had opened Pleasant Street Auto, his own Auto Body business, and in 1995 he acquired Hampshire Towing from Robert to complement it.

Since then Hampshire Towing has grown it's fleet and services to become a solid stand alone enterprise operating 24/7, 365 days a year. William's wife Tracey and sons Robert and David work in the company as well, making it a true family enterprise.




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